About Prodromos

Prodromos Technologies (Pty) Ltd offers focused expertise in the Water, Effluent, Waste-to-Energy and Environmental markets originally in Southern Africa. Prodromos combines the expertise of a number of engineers with extensive experience in the design, implementation and operation of these types of processing facilities.  Evaluations indicated a market need to properly bridge the gap between technology suppliers and technology users. Prodromos was specifically formed to fulfil this need in the sectors within which we operate and have experience.

In January 2018 Prodromos opened a subsidiary company in the United Kingdom. Prodromos Technologies UK Ltd will focus on water treatment, wastewater treatment and waste to energy opportunities in the United Kingdom, Europe and North- and West Africa. This expansion in geographical footprint will open up more opportunities to promote Prodromos’ cutting edge concepts and technologies. Prodromos is also looking forward to establishing new global alliances in the pursuit of Redefining Reality and Providing Possibility in the sectors we serve.

Our Philosophy

  • Prodromos is the Greek for FORERUNNER
  • Technology can be defined as CREATED CAPABILITY
  • Therefore, we are FORERUNNERS (i.e. we pave the way) to CREATE new CAPABILITY

Our Key Personnel

Bertie Steytler

B Sc (Chem Eng); B Com (Operations Research); M Eng (Technology Management)